David Kimble's Testimonials





God bless you! Seriously i have no idea of how you had ma information n what i have been going through; The spirit of GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING and nothing can be hidden from Him. Bless you



Thank you so much man of god, I have some prophet prophesy to me say that I will go to ministry and have healing anointing, so your word is accurate and encouraging to me and exhort me,thank you so much, we will meet one day.



God day prophet Kimble,

Thank you for the prophecy you sent to me,may God continue to use you mightily!!

Your brother in Christ,



Thank you Mighty man of God i am encouraged today! I needed this word and i accept it in the name of Jesus. I felt this peace of the lord that you spoke of as i prayed where i slept this morning. You have sold in my life so as soon as i can i have to give. God bless you . Grace and Peace

C Jav


the things Prophet said about me is very true.I am very encouraged that these words, confirmation in my heart. I will pray for you. prayer and anointing God bless your ministry.Thanks very very much .God bless You

Philip B.


Thank you very much. I have received every prophetic word and I believe it is well with all areas of my life in Jesus Mighty Name.



I thank you very much for your prophecy. It is so true for me in this season and time in my life.It brought tears to my eyes because right now I am caught between my husband and my parents. We came to live by them as I am the only child and thought I would be here for them when they get older, but things are not working out at all. I would rather not go into the actual details but it is a battle!! My husband and I have been praying and fasting for a breakthrough, we applied for our own government house, but we have not got back any response as yet for the one we want, but I am hoping in the Lord, I know He will not let me be ashamed..My parents are Muslims, religion as you know is a stronghold and that is one of the reasons why we want to leave here. We don't want our daughter to grow up in a home that serves a real and counterfeit god, you know what I mean. Before, these things would not have bothered me, but now it's like its different. You said, God is speaking to me through His words and this is so true. Sometimes I would wake up and I would here this voice telling me to go to this chapter and passage in the Bible, sometimes it's for me, sometimes I feel its for my Church. I have mentioned it to my Pastor and he says God will continue to show me. I have this new found love for God, it's like I can never get enough of Him, and jus as you said, I go through my problems and I just have this peace and joy that I know that only God is the source of it. May God truly bless you and keep you for you have used your gift to edify and encourage me.

Ria J


Thanks Pastor for the prophecy and i Thank God for the upliftment and breakthrough in all the bondages in Jesus name...Amen



Thank You David for giving such a blessing such time as this because it was needed in my life. Thank you so much. God Bless You. Have a blessed new year.

Your brother in Christ


Hi Sir Kimble,

Thank you so much for the words you've sent. If you see something that is really important with my destiny please let me know. I am encouraged by those words God given me through you.

God bless you!


Thank you Brother David, I appreciate you taking the time to inquire for me. The New place of work, just wondering if you were given anymore insight on this as I am unemployed and in the process of moving back to Tennessee January 2nd from Illinois as I have been helping my Mother go through the loss of my step dad and she is ill, but getting better and I am heading back to Tennessee with no real Job, but inquired through a temp agency yesterday for some work possible when I get there, I am going on Faith Brother and believing the Lord, and also the Ministry you mentioned as well if any insight, I belong to Intersessor group on Facebook and am growing in the Prophetic, thanks in advance if anymore insight Brother, Bless you so much!




Greetings David

Thank you so much sir for the prophetic word you released into my life. I thank the Lord God Almighty.Indeed the word is accurate. I took part in revival meeting this past Saturday and one Apostle spoke into my life.He mentioned that i am called to be a revivalist with miracles, signs and wonders following. He indicated that i am called to my nation. He imparted the Apostolic and Prophetic. I praise Jesus Christ for his love and grace.



Thank you so much all I can say is wow it is so true,I have been feeling the lord more and more as the days pass. I know this prophecy was from the lord



Dear David,
Thanks for the clarification.I will continue to seek the father. sincerely,



Thank you so much for allowing the holy spirit to use you to speak the truth. Everything was accurate well of course the holy spirit is accurate. I am in a trial of seperation and it is hard, so that word was on time and encouraging.



Thank you Jesus and thank you Man of god for encouraging me by the Prophecy....

Thank you very much Prophet David Kimble.

Chandra Vijesh Velagala


Dear David Kimble,

Thank you Brother for giving me a Word from The Lord. I am going now trough a lot of things. I am going to be kicked out of my house and it hurts a lot! I am busy to start up my business and til now I have not yet obtained the start capital I need. But I stil love Jesus He wil make a way for me where there seems no way.

God bless you dear Brother other people received also from The Lord that He wil use me for the Healing Ministry as well so that is on the spot. It touched me when I was reading it and trough the storms where I am going trough right now its good and ecouraging to hear that The Father loves me and have Favored me.

Henok Wuhib


Thank you so much for the prophecy, I'm struggling with finances and trying to keep my business afloat. And I've been trying to listen to him but it's so hard thru the storms. I feel like the enemy has been attacking us on this level and I don't know what else to do. Thanks again for the prophetic word. God bless and once my income comes in I can start donating to your site because I love the services you offer.

Warm Regards,


Thank You for the word from the Lord...feel very encouraged...Holy Spirit keeps speaking to me run and don't stop...Stay on fire and burn for me...



Thank you David,

that was so encourage word for me.
God bless you!


Thank you. Sent a $20 donation for your ministry time. Blessings to you!




Thank you for your kindness in responding. I receive the promise of peace and joy.



Hi David,

Thanks for the word.

God Bless


Dear Mr. Kimble,

Thank you, thank you so very much for seeking the Lord on my behalf! The words in this prophetic message is truly a comfort for me ... knowing that He hasn’t turned me down. I will do the best I can to seek Him. May God bless you, your family and your ministry richly in all ways.

Again – thank you so very much for your time and effort. May you have a fantastic blessed day and week!

With best regards,
Ingar Mo


In Jesus' Name i receive this word. And i praise God for He is good and His mercies endures forever.

I thank God for your life and ministry in Jesus' Name.


Thank you David for the word. My wife and I am encouraged and thank you for your time.

Many blessings,
Charles and Joanne Atkinson


Hi David,

I want to say thank you for sending me this prophetic word. It is encouraging. I look forward to this new phase in life. I am being set free from many binding things from my past.

God bless you always,


Thank you Prophet David,

This is helping me to slow it down and rest more. I do not stop to smell the roses anymore. I have been feeling locked in a struggle for quite some time. I have realized this struggle is the Lord's and not mine. This one is not for me to carry or fight against. It has been like beating the air and not making a difference. I will lean on the Lord. I will surrender this so I can enjoy the beautiful roses He has created for me to smell. I am excited about the doors that I will be made bold enough to walk through.

Bless you David for your obedience to the Lord. He will repay and heap manifold blessings upon you for ministering life to His people.

In His Love,


Dear David,

Thank you very much for these words. They tie in very well with a dream that I had about both James and myself and a friend interpreted it. Thank you for your kindness and your time.

Bless you,


Thank you very much for the encouraging words that give me direction.



Thank you for the words you gave to me, god bless you and your family and ministry,

Tuulahannele Halsey


THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THAT!!! True words from God so nourish and heal. May you always know the importance of the gift that God has given you to help heal the world and bring God's children hope and healing. Thank you very much and God bless you.



Thank you David Kimble,

I will trust the Lord. It is his guidance that I seek, to know the direction to go. I will trust the compass God has placed inside of me. I have feared going the wrong way and wasting even more time. I will rest in the Lord and just rest more and more in him.

God bless you,


Hello David,

I want to thank you for sending me this word from God. It is so wonderfully encouraging. True, I have been beat up badly by the storms and pressures of life but I did not turn from God, however, at times I shook and stumbled, only to cry out to God in my feelings of being overwhelmed by defeat and all the other things coming at me relentlessly. It is so wonderful to know that the Lord's joy in me is about to be released for I have come to believe truly it is the joy of the Lord that is my strength. Through all this battering I've come to understand that it is only God's way that truly works, all else is pretend and sometimes it actually looks good, smells good, tastes good, and feels good, but it doesn't last. Those really hard times feel like they will never end and without true hope from God and His comforting and reviving, than one is doomed. I am so thankful that it is my time for refreshing and rest. God bless you. And I'm so thankful the battles I was going through are truly behind me. I can forget about them and move forward. This is a good word. I really wanted to hear from God.



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