Testimonials for Brian and Carmen Clements

Carmen I know you are God’s disciple and hear from him clearly, you blessed me so much and helped me on Skype prophectic counselling.. You have sown greatly into my life by being obedient to what God tells you to share with me.. please accept this love gift of $300.00. I pray blessings over you and your family..Mighty women of God..be blessed.

Natasha B.

Oh, my goodness! God definitely spoke to you, because my husband and I have been Stressing over the site and business because, I have no idea how to do this. I prayed a few days ago and asked God to send me the help and just show me what to do and I’d be humble enough to learn.

Thank you for mentoring me in my business I asked the Lord to send me someone like you to help me.

You’ll never know the magnitude of the prayer that was just answered through your email Carmen.

God bless you.. please receive my love gift to you $600.00 You care are about people and hear from the Lord..

Lucreisia F.

Wow, thankyou Carmen for that powerful prophectic word from the Lord, you don’t know Me, but I know you hear from the Lord, as my life has changed for the better and my bottom line in Business has exceeded beyond what I could have imagined, thank you I have been standing on

Eph 3:20 so the Lord had instructed. Please accept my love gift to you for $250.00…

Derek F.

Thank you so much Carmen what a blessings you are , so enjoyed meeting you on skype. Thank you for steering me in the right direction, by the Lord’s leading…

Jennifer B.

Thank you so much Brian and Carmen your prophecy came true for us, we are finally moving out of our home and into the one the Lord promised us to do ministry out of. It is our dream home. You are an amazing couple who hear from the Lord. Bless you both…

Sherri and Wade.

Thank you Carmen,

I was so depressed and could not get out of bed something was trying to hold me down, and I was afraid to leave my house, marriage on the rocks…but since meeting you and having a prophetic counselling session with you I was set free and am now enjoying my life and marriage back on track, thank you so much. God is good all the time…



I am so grateful for you and the Holy Spirit that works through you for helping me find the love of my life and helping me see who I am in Christ and that nothing is impossible for Him, I will refer others to you, it is so wonderful to meet people like you, who love the Lord and are compassionate about others, God does miracles through you and your prophetic counselling ministry…God bless you.

P.S you are invited to my wedding.

George and Sheila S.