Judith Oldridge Testimonials

I have nothing but commendation for what you are doing as the amma you are. You are a great inspiration and example of how those in their senior season of life should live, continuing to seek the Lord that your life might be an ongoing manifestation of his Presence and Power as you are praying for a spirit of wisdom and revelation in your innermost being. This is what he wants for us and from us. Faithfulness to the end! You are modelling this :-). My saga has been so long and drawn out with so many twists and turns and you have stuck with me thru it all and how many people would have done that???!!!!...........Thank you so much for all your support!


"We felt the protection increase and we felt blessings on relationships because of Intercession for our Corporations."

Tammy E.

'Judith is our intercessor as it relates to our personal and professional life, when we engaged I did not really understand the significance of our engagement together. My heart and eyes have been opened as we journey together. I was stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed. I deeply believe our business and personal life have drastically improved as a result of Judith. She taps into God's heart and the advantage we are experiencing is truly astonishing. Any person in business would be wise to engage her.'

William Winship CEO Portacle Founder Family Center of Carolinas.

That was Beautiful! I am ready to start my day as these words will stay on my heart ... And bring me peace... I am Grateful for you and your heart that is filled with His love... Thank you for sharing your gift that He has given you... Some people spend half of their lives trying to figure out their gift and some know what their gift is and never share it... God Bless You! And Thank You! Have a Blessed Day!


I had to stop what I was doing this morning and comment on your daily “Thoughts for the Day”. I receive quite a few daily words but I am busy and usually cannot read every one, but I almost always read your “Thoughts” and each one blesses me. You certainly have a gift for short but powerful writings! Thank you for making these gems available to a suffering and lost world, and to this friend in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


This is very much God, Holy Spirit breathed my friend. You are an instrument that the world needs. You are the TEACHER. Keep pressing on dear one your light is shining very brightly for God. Your light is shining all over the world!! For God so loved that he gave Judith.


Thank you for sharing- and your artwork is stunning and adds another dimension and depth.

With blessings,


Yes I work in the social work field and would like to expand myself and use my gift to open a business reaching out to teenagers as a life coach. I've been putting off on this idea for about 2 years now - what you told me was a confirmation as to what God has been telling me and showing me, as far as my life purpose (to help others). Everything you said is absolutely 100 % accurate, I thank God for using you as his vessel and for his confirmation through you. I pray as you said God do indeed sharpen my spirit of discernment and give me more wisdom. Often times I do find people randomly come to me expressing their hurt and life issues and I feel like I don't make a difference in my response, but they are very much affected by what I say (the spirit leads me in my response, I trust). Again I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart; and I pray that God blesses you with all your heart desires.


Thank you mighty woman of God for taking the time out to deliver the word of the Lord to me. May the Lord smile upon you, bless you, keep you, refresh you, and expand your ministry. I received every word and they are all accurate. Once again, thank you for your time.


'O thank you Judith...that relieves so much guilt and anxiety I can cry...!

Dear Judith,

Thank you, so much, for this insight, prayer and guidance. I shall ever be grateful to you, and to the Lord, who has used you to se me free. It is amazing, and I look forward to a deeper and closer walk with Him. I feel as though tension has lifted from me and I am more relaxed this morning. I am excited to see what He has in store. It doesn't feel like a new chapter in my life, rather, it feels like a new Book has been opened!! Judith, I receive your prayers, your prophetic word and your declarations on my behalf. Praise the Lord!

God bless you,

Dear Judith,

Thank you so very much for the words of life from God the Father that you have so graciously and generously sought Him for on my behalf. The words you have given have, each one, been right on time, right on the mark. As I faced uncertainty about a particular situation, the personal prophecy you gave me encouraged me and gave me confidence that I was, in fact, hearing from God, and walking on the path He had set before me.

The Apostle Paul writes that prophecy is to strengthen, encourage, and comfort (1 Cor. 14:3). The words the Father has given you for me have done all three, and done so each time you have released them with the timing gift that you have.

What I very much appreciate about you, Judith, is your earnestness to hear from the Father, and the tender grace and comforting love that come through your words as you speak to us on His behalf. You are very much a trusted mother in the faith.

The prophetic paintings that He gives your seeing eyes for us help us “visualize” what He is saying. In engaging more senses, the hearing of His words, the seeing of His pictures, the touch of the painting, you have a unique way of allowing the Word to imprint deeply on the heart and spirit by way of engaging both sides of the brain. And yet, there are no technicalities about it, it just flows out of your heart of love of the Father and of His people.

Bless you and thank you,
Crystal, Texas


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