Robert McClaren's Testimonials

Hello Bob, you are an awesome prophet of God with an overflowing compassionate heart where the river flows freely. Thank you for the Word. It greatly encouraged me and inspired me to see what is coming.

Peter K., New Zealand


I thank you for the word you received from the Lord for me. I am still praying over this word for confirmation. I bless you in the Lord Jesus and all you do for and in Him. Thank you

Gary C., Alabama, USA


Thank you for responding, I hear exactly what you are saying and receive it in all humility. Please continue to allow God to use you to encourage His people. Be Blessed!

Vanessa H., Georgia, USA


Thank you mighty man of valor for taking the time out to seek the Lord on my behalf. Be confident in knowing that your words were on point and confirmed many things for me. I knew what they meant, and they confirm some things that the Lord had spoken to me in times past.

Dr. Roderick G., South Carolina, USA


Thank you so much for being faithful to your calling. Helping others to hear from God is so critical to our walk w/ Him. I just wanted to say that of all the words I have received thru the years, I find your delivery one of the most warm and gracious I’ve ever heard. You are indeed unique in a very good way. Bob, keep doing what you are doing...your voice and spirit is such a blessing. Wish many more were of the warmth of heart that you possess.

Nikki S., California, USA


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