Prophecy Interpretation

Picture of a Flower and a Little Boy's Future

The colors represent the stages of this young boy's life. The blue represents childhood. It is large because it feels like you are going to take forever to become an adult and once you get there it passes very quickly.

I see this young boy as a “good-ole-boy”. The kind who would live in the same town, know all the same people and grow up to be like a cowboy. I see him in a picture with bunches of cattle. I see him patting a big white cow with black spots on it. I also see him knowing many people. He is popular and councils and helps people out. He is going to be a delightful person; a great big ball of sunshine making people always happy. You will be able to cheer people up when they are down. He will be a little sweetheart and help people as much as he can.

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